Life Experiences

For personal reasons, I had to cancel my vacation to Puerto Rico recently. I had been looking forward to this vacation for months. I misplaced my wallet on the same day that I cancelled my holiday trip. I’ve previously misplaced my wallet. Replacing all debit cards, identity cards, social security cards, membership identification cards, and so on is a huge pain.

As a result, I was dreading having to replace my wallet. Thankfully, I was able to retrace my travels and locate my wallet. That particular day, I had a slew of “issues” that piled up one after another.

You must not allow your concerns to pull you away from the present. Even if your “issues” are in the current moment, if that makes sense. Your greatest joy is found in the current moment. When you zoom out, you’ll notice that you were designed to withstand anything life throws at you. You have a reservoir of perseverance buried deep inside you. Meaning you’ve dealt with a lot in your life and have decided to use it to strengthen you and prepare you for life’s unexpected twists and turns. Having this outlook on life will enable you to be ready for anything life throws at you. Have faith in me. You’ll look back on what you would consider a “bad event” and be grateful that you had it. There will be several tough events that will put your fundamental self to the test. These are the experiences that show life and even yourself that you have all you need to “pass” the exams that life throws at you.

You must examine what you term or refer to your experiences.

“Problems” or “an experience to show how to handle certain experiences” or “an experience to show perseverance” or “an experience to show my faith” or “an experience to show how to live” or “an experience to show my personal power” or “an experience to show how not to be moved out of the present moment”? My point is that you should keep track of your ideas and how you label or categorize your current events. Everything is intertwined with our perceptions of our lives and the events that occur in them. Our interpretations of our events are frequently ignored. Some of us go through life so rapidly that we neglect to look at our experiences through the eyes of a “Zoomed-out” perspective. We often overlook the importance of examining what we refer to as our experiences. Keep in mind that how we view our experiences is intertwined with everything else. Consider that for a moment.

Your emotions become linked to your view of a certain event once you’ve had it. Your emotions from that unique event are carried over and have a direct impact on your current decisions. Let’s imagine you have a “Negative experience” and “Negative” feelings. Those “Negative” emotions will have a significant influence on your subsequent selections. Because of your “Negative” sentiments from a past event, you may be rude or pass on that negativity to someone else who crosses your way. That is why I feel it beneficial to leave any emotions associated with a particular event to the experience itself. To put it another way, if anything happens in a certain experience, leave all of your feelings there. This is where the concept of living in the present or in the moment comes into play. When you live in the now, you are totally immersed in everything that occurs at that very instant. You go on to the next instant in time after that one is done.