BuildApp Network

BuildApp Network is building blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry.
BuildApp Network introduce a decentralized, mobile marketplace based on Ethereum Blockchain.
The BuildApp Network is building a decentralized mobile marketplace that will include a mobile advertising network, called adNetwork, which will make use of the Ethereum blockchain to alleviate the issues of ad fraud by linking up users directly with advertisers and recording all interactions in an immutable and transparent manner.
For the advertising industry, the blockchain can ensure that advertisers only pay for real views, clicks, sign ups, and other conversion-related actions by recording all actions in an immutable and transparent manner.
It can do that, for example, by encrypting impressions and broadcasting them to all members of the blockchain, who can then approve them. This ensures transparency and helps to identify fraud

Networking Basics

A network is a collection of computers, printers, and other devices connected by cables. The exchange of information and resources. Information is transmitted via the cables, allowing network users to share documents and data, print to the same printers, and share any devices or software connected to the network. A node is a computer, printer,…

Life Experiences

For personal reasons, I had to cancel my vacation to Puerto Rico recently. I had been looking forward to this vacation for months. I misplaced my wallet on the same day that I cancelled my holiday trip. I’ve previously misplaced my wallet. Replacing all debit cards, identity cards, social security cards, membership identification cards, and…

What is Networking

Quote: The building of a team of powerful, proactive referral partners capable of providing a consistent supply of referrals for your business is what power networking entails. This chapter includes the following topics: o Power networking examples o Networking definition o 7 networking myths and realities Before we get into networking, let’s look at some…

Network to Bring Mobile Ads

Users on smartphones would opt in to advertising through smart contracts offered directly by advertisers. Smart contracts will be self-executing and run directly on the blockchain without involving an intermediary. So once the blockchain has confirmed that a user has viewed an ad, the contract would automatically release IBA token to the user’s account. Advertisers…